Grade Faster

Life is short. Don't spend it grading.

The gradeomatic has cut its creator's grading time by more than half.

In the time it takes to pick up a pen and write a score, the gradeomatic creates bespoke feedback, records scores, calculates grades, and compiles assessment data and analytics.

Comment Better

Class size limits your ability to give each student the detailed and personalized feedback they need to succeed.

The gradeomatic's speed and efficiency free you to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of as many students as your eyes can handle.

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Teach Better

Courses evolve through constant tinkering. The gradeomatic helps you know what works.

Inform your experiments with data by examining patterns across courses, assignments, exam questions, and years.

Grade Better

Grading is hard, boring, and important; mistakes hurt your students.

The gradeomatic helps you catch grading errors before your students do.